Policies and Procedures

Start Enrollment

At Wash Bark, we promise to treat your beloved pet as we would one of our own.
We guarantee that you and your pet will experience the Wash Bark Difference.


Below are forms to start enrollment. Each new client will need to review & sign our Client Agreement, along with a Guest Profile for each pup.
You will need to review and sign the Daycare Statement form for your pet to attend our Daycare. Same for Spa treatment, please review Grooming Statement if you would like to take advantage of our Spa Services or Self Service Bathing Stations. You can bring forms into Wash Bark or email at carolina@washbark.com and we will follow up to finish the enrollment process. All forms are available on at our location.



This form is for every new client. See Guest Profile to complete for each dog that will be attending daycare or participating in spa treatments. This form specifies our hours of operation, and the general daycare and grooming policies. At Wash Bark, your dog will be on social grounds. Help us keep Wash Bark safe for the pups and easy for you.


This form is for every pup. Please fill out a form for each pup you plan to enroll in daycare or treat with one of our spa services. We know each pup by name and would like to receive as much info as possible to assure that your pet is provided with the appropriate care during his or her stay with us.

daycare statement

This form is for daycare services. Wash Bark utilizes daycare and playgroups where dogs interact with other dogs. We evaluate each pup prior to entry into daycare or playgroups to determine if he/she is suitable to interact with other dogs.

spa form

This form is for grooming/self-wash stations. We pay extra attention to older dogs or dogs with health issues. His/Her safety and confor are our first priority adn will not perform and procedures that causes pain or a level of stress that we think is excessive. Please advice us of any pre-existing conditions for us to determine what is best for your pup.